Unlocking IVF Success: The Acupuncture Protocol from Pre-Stimulation to Post-Transfer 

IVF Success by Dr Amanda Xia

Written by Dr. Amanda Xia

MSc., Doctor of Acupuncture

In the realm of assisted reproductive technologies, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) stands as a beacon of hope for individuals and couples striving to conceive. While IVF offers advanced medical interventions, many are turning to complementary therapies like acupuncture to enhance their chances of success. Understanding the acupuncture protocol tailored to each stage of the IVF treatment cycle is key to optimizing outcomes and unlocking IVF success. 

The Pre-Stimulation Phase: 

The journey towards IVF success often begins several months before ovarian stimulation. We recommend starting acupuncture sessions at least 12 weeks prior to the IVF journey to allow for optimal preparation. Additionally, the integration of Chinese herbal medicine during this phase can further support reproductive health by addressing underlying imbalances and promoting hormonal equilibrium. By combining acupuncture and herbal medicine, individuals can lay a solid foundation for the IVF journey ahead, enhancing overall fertility potential. 

Ovarian Stimulation: 

As the IVF treatment cycle progresses into ovarian stimulation, acupuncture continues to play a pivotal role. Acupuncture during this phase aims to support follicle development, improve blood flow to the ovaries, and mitigate potential side effects of fertility drugs such as bloating and discomfort. By optimizing ovarian response and egg quality, acupuncture enhances the success of the IVF stimulation cycle. 

Egg Retrieval: 

Before egg retrieval, it’s recommended to have three acupuncture sessions to prepare the body for the procedure. These sessions focus on relaxation, stress reduction, and optimizing reproductive health. By promoting a calm and receptive state, acupuncture can improve overall outcomes. 

Embryo Transfer: 

During embryo transfer, acupuncture offers crucial support. Acupuncture sessions are scheduled the day before, the day of, and the day after embryo transfer. These sessions aim to promote uterine receptivity, improve blood flow to the uterus, and reduce the risk of uterine contractions. By creating an optimal environment for embryo implantation, acupuncture enhances the chances of successful pregnancy. 

The Post-Transfer Period: 

Following embryo transfer, acupuncture continues to provide support during the post-transfer period. Sessions focus on stress reduction, hormone regulation, and immune support to sustain the early stages of pregnancy and minimize the risk of implantation failure and early pregnancy loss. 


As individuals and couples navigate the IVF journey, incorporating acupuncture into the treatment protocol can be a powerful ally in unlocking IVF success. By following a tailored acupuncture protocol designed for each stage of the IVF treatment cycle, individuals can optimize their reproductive health, enhance fertility outcomes, and increase their chances of achieving their dream of parenthood. At Huatuo Clinic, our experienced acupuncturists are dedicated to providing personalized care and support to individuals on their path to IVF success. 

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