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2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational Golf Tournament

Calgary, AB – 2024-04-25

Huatuo Clinic is honored to host the esteemed 2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational Golf Tournament, a significant event dedicated to advancing mental health research through acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Scheduled for July 3rd at The Hamptons Golf Club in Calgary, this tournament represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to holistic health and community well-being. 

As a leading provider of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services in Calgary, Huatuo Clinic is deeply committed to promoting mental wellness and enhancing the quality of life for individuals across communities. Through the RBC Huatuo Invitational, we aim to raise awareness about mental health issues and showcase the potential of acupuncture and TCM in mental health care. 

With over five million Canadians grappling with mental disorders, and more than one in three reporting unmet or partially met healthcare needs1, the urgency of addressing mental health issues cannot be overstated. Dr. Yingying Cong, Director of Huatuo Clinic, expresses her enthusiasm for the event: “The RBC Huatuo Invitational is a vital initiative that perfectly aligns with our mission to foster holistic health. We are so proud to host this event and contribute to important research and interventions in the field of mental health.” 

The tournament will feature a captivating blend of competition and charity, with all proceeds directed towards essential mental health research projects. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in both individual and team formats, enjoying a day of golf followed by a gala dinner. This event promises to be a significant platform for networking, collaboration, and community engagement. 

RBC Huatuo Invitational trophies

“We are grateful for the support of RBC and other sponsors,” says Dr. Benny Xu, Executive Director of Huatuo Clinic. “Their sponsorship significantly enhances our ability to fund critical research and interventions in the field of mental health.” 

Huatuo Clinic invites all golf enthusiasts and supporters of mental health awareness to join us in this impactful event. Whether as a participant, sponsor, or volunteer, your involvement will contribute to advancing mental health research and improving the well-being of individuals in our communities. 

For more information about the 2024 RBC Huatuo Invitational Golf Tournament or to register, please visit https://www.huatuoinvitational.com

We look forward to your participation and support in this noble cause. 

For media inquiries, please contact Karyn So, Public Relations, at info@huatuoinvitational.com

  1. Source: Insights on Canadian Society – Mental disorders and access to mental health care by Ellen Stephenson (September 22, 2023).
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