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Unlock the healing potential of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a calm and balanced mind. At Huatuo Clinic, we believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Huatuo Clinic

Areas of Expertise

At Huatuo Clinic, our wealth of knowledge and expertise is unmatched. We proudly boast the largest team of acupuncture and TCM specialists in Canada. Click here to find out more of our specialties and specialists.

Areas of Expertise

At Huatuo Clinic, our wealth of knowledge and expertise is unmatched. We proudly boast the largest team of acupuncture and TCM specialists in Canada. Click here to find out more of our specialties and specialists.

Why Choose Huatuo Clinic

Discover a renewed sense of balance and vitality, both physically and mentally.

Expertise and Experience

With a wealth of knowledge, extensive clinical experience, and expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our skilled team of acupuncturists provides exceptional, tailored care for your unique health needs.

Impactful Solutions

Delivering impactful solutions that cater to each patient’s unique needs is the Huatuo Priority. We provide treatment plans that target both the symptoms and underlying causes of health conditions, ensuring comprehensive and effective care.

Trusted by the Community

Established in 1997, Huatuo Clinic has earned the trust and loyalty of countless Calgary patients. Their testimonials and positive feedback speak volumes about our quality care and transformative impact.

Research and Innovation

As pioneers in the field, we spearhead the advancement of acupuncture through cutting-edge research and innovation. Our practitioners actively contribute to prestigious projects, inspiring and setting benchmarks for excellence.

Tanya DuggalTanya Duggal
21:04 07 Jul 24
Mario RodriguezMario Rodriguez
19:35 30 Jun 24
Great help, Dr Xin Xia was amazing!
bashir akbarbashir akbar
19:08 30 Jun 24
Maria BastidasMaria Bastidas
22:05 28 Jun 24
I have a treatment with Dr. Xin Xan, and it was very good. Dr Xin Xan is vey knowledgeable and friendly. The clinic is nice and the ladies on the reception are also very nice and professional
son netson net
18:19 25 Jun 24
Had a very good experience with dr stella pun. She is experienced and kind doctor. She can speak cantonese which can have better communciation with me. Highly recommeded.
Kevin LiuKevin Liu
17:17 23 Jun 24
Me MeMe Me
20:06 16 Jun 24
Dr. Stella is the best! The best experience that I ever had.
Zojic TonyZojic Tony
18:35 16 Jun 24
Alexandria ShamAlexandria Sham
23:19 13 Jun 24
Huatuo Clinic is clean, professional and friendly. Have been here for acupuncture, tuina massage and TCM . Very good results with all. Feel better, thanks!
04:50 11 Jun 24
Nice and big location. Staffs are helpful and friendly. Booked follow up acupuncture with Jacqueline. She is skilled and professional. Very good experience. Will keep coming back!
Gui Ying ZhenGui Ying Zhen
18:46 09 Jun 24
NewHorizon 50NewHorizon 50
02:06 23 Apr 24
Pleasant experience. Facility is very nice and welcoming, great ambient and reception area with drinks. Front desk were awesome.Dr. Xin Xỉa was attentive. Looking forward to her assisting and fixing my chronic pains. Will be going for few more sessions.
Hey! ConnieHey! Connie
19:16 21 Apr 24
Really nice experience! I will keep going! Recommended!
Jason LinJason Lin
17:27 21 Apr 24
Very good experience at here with Helen want:)
Navjot KaurNavjot Kaur
17:05 21 Apr 24
Seeing Dr. Heather. She is very kind and listens calmly and gives the best solution. I am satisfied I chose Huatuo Clinic for my acupunctures.
Do not hesitate to come and request some information about the treatment. Dr Helen is extremely professional, she is knowledgeableHighly recommended
Vance TaylorVance Taylor
02:18 19 Apr 24
Dr. Yang Liu ,is the first guy to really help me with my bad hip ,bad back, neck and broken wrist and hand .In just one visit he has helped immensely ,thank you so much , see you soon again , and everybody was friendly and nice to me as well.
22:07 12 Apr 24
Very good
fenghua Yuanfenghua Yuan
17:06 12 Apr 24
Marco has been my therapist more than years ,he is wonderful, after each treatment, l am always feeling better.
Devon PeifferDevon Peiffer
18:45 10 Apr 24
Amazing institute. Highly recommend ❤️
Patrick LiPatrick Li
20:17 09 Apr 24
I am a hemiplegic patient, and my condition has improved significantly after receiving treatment from Amanda Xia for more than a month. Now I can walk several hundred meters on my own and have feeling in my arms. I will continue to work with her into the next phase. grateful!
John ZhouJohn Zhou
16:15 09 Apr 24
I like Doctor Marco Feng's patients. He is very gentle and detail oriented. I feel I was greatly taken care of.Thank you, Marco.
Claudia PeraltaClaudia Peralta
21:25 08 Apr 24
I been coming to see Dr Li for over 20yrs and it's been amazing.
Kevin FalendaKevin Falenda
17:02 08 Apr 24
Awesome staff, extremely knowledgeable doctors who are very professional and patient. Go here is you need assistance!
Jacky HoJacky Ho
15:01 08 Apr 24
The clinic exceeded all my expectations! From the warm welcome at reception to the expert care from Dr Amanda, every aspect of my visit was outstanding. The clinic's cleanliness and attention to detail made me feel comfortable and valued. If you're looking for personalized care and top-notch service, I highly recommend Hautuo Clinic. They've earned my trust and loyalty!
lei sunlei sun
22:54 07 Apr 24
Great experience! Highly recommend Dr. Helen Wang.
J ChenJ Chen
23:47 03 Apr 24
Dr. Xia is very kind and professional, treatment is working on me
Amy CheungAmy Cheung
19:58 03 Apr 24
I truly enjoyed the acupuncture treatment. Than you for helping me to feel much better with my body.
thomas weithomas wei
22:38 02 Apr 24
Nothing but the best clinic! 10/10 rating!
Thomas WeiThomas Wei
22:34 02 Apr 24
Great service best Chinese medical clinic I have ever been!
21:08 02 Apr 24
It has been 2 months since I first saw Dr. Cong. I can clearly feel that my body is getting healthier and healthier, and my blood pressure has also increased from 150-160 at the beginning to 120-130 now. Dr. Cong is a very gentle and patient person who makes people feel very warm. Her medical skills make me feel the profoundness of traditional Chinese medicine.
Saher AiamSaher Aiam
21:33 24 Mar 24
Amazing services! Always efficient and helpful. Dr. Stella Pun is wonderful. She is so kind and helpful and wants you leaving feeling the best and provides you the best treatments she can recommend!
Vyacheslav ZvizhinskiyVyacheslav Zvizhinskiy
19:23 20 Mar 24
They saved my life!I recently visited Huatuo Clinic and had an exceptional experience with Dr. Marco Feng. I suffered a severe back injury during a soccer game, leaving me unable to move or breathe properly. Dr. Feng and his team acted swiftly, providing me with immediate care and relief. Within just one hour, I was able to talk, breathe, and walk without assistance. Their prompt attention and expertise truly saved my life. If you're ever in need of treatment for muscle or nerve injuries, I highly recommend this clinic.
05:10 04 Feb 24
100% Super friendly staff. Everything from booking to insurance processing was perfectly smooth for my every trip there. I love how they have a parking space on the second level of the building and there's no need to pay for street parking. Shout out to Dr. Helen Wang, I went in to see her on a weekly basis. She's wonderful! Upon initial assessment, she pointed out the root causes to my issue and also mentioned a few more conditions which I had but didn't mention as I thought they were unrelated to the issue I wanted to fix, which was a pretty cool thing. And by following her instructions after treatments, I saw actual improvement to my conditions within weeks. I also like how she tells you, before her accupuncture treatment begins, about how your body will feel during the treatment; it might not seem much, but for someone who's a bit scared of needles, that really helps. Highly recommend(P.S. If you find this review helpful, please tell them Anna sent you. 😉
Miss LynneMiss Lynne
21:02 23 Jan 24
I had my first acupuncture session with Kevin A. and it was amazing. It was calm and relaxing. Love it and will be coming back for more session.
Kamran AslamKamran Aslam
21:41 11 Dec 23
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 starsI recently had the pleasure of receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Stella Pun, and I cannot express how satisfied I am with the results. Dr. Pun is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to healing.From the moment I entered her clinic, I felt a sense of tranquility and warmth. The ambiance was soothing, and the staff were friendly and attentive. Dr. Pun herself exudes a calming presence, which immediately put me at ease.During the consultation, Dr. Pun took the time to thoroughly understand my health concerns and history. Her attentiveness and genuine interest in my well-being made me feel heard and cared for. She explained the acupuncture process in detail, addressing any questions or concerns I had.The acupuncture session itself was a remarkable experience. Dr. Pun's skill and precision were evident as she placed the needles with utmost care. Throughout the treatment, she ensured I was comfortable and relaxed, creating a serene environment that enhanced the therapeutic effects of the session.I am delighted to report that the results were beyond my expectations. Dr. Pun's expertise and personalized approach truly made a difference in alleviating my symptoms and promoting overall wellness. I left the clinic feeling rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of balance.If you are seeking a highly skilled and compassionate acupuncturist, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Stella Pun. Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her genuine concern for her patients, sets her apart as a standout healthcare professional. I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my health and well-being. Thank you, Dr. Pun!
Huatuo Clinic: Calgary NW
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Lela JiangLela Jiang
20:34 04 Jul 24
Excellent experience here! Highly recommended!
blitz wolfeblitz wolfe
20:06 04 Jul 24
Love it here. I often go to the schools for acupuncture from students and this place has my favourite ambience. This school produces some amazing doctors that have helped me so much. Also love that they have weekend and evening appointments for my crazy schedule.
son netson net
18:18 25 Jun 24
Had a very good experience with dr stella pun. She is experienced and kind doctor. She can speak cantonese which can have better communciation with me. Highly recommeded.
16:01 22 Jun 24
I had amazing Acupuncture experience with Huatuo Dr. Li Yang. He is very professional and full of experience.
Sandra BraunSandra Braun
19:44 21 Jun 24
Dr. Chong is a very good listener and practitioner! I felt improvement as a result of acupuncture, starting from the first treatment.
Zetta SzeZetta Sze
16:29 19 Jun 24
Awesome visits! Came here multiple times and Dr Xu helps me a lots and give me a lot of useful recommendations for my daily routine! He's a knowledgeable and experienced gentleman. Highly recommended for everyone! (I have back pain and knee problem)
Mario RodriguezMario Rodriguez
20:04 18 Jun 24
Our experience has been amazingThe acupuncture technique use by they had help mi wife alotAwesome staff!!
Ellie MsEllie Ms
12:00 18 Jun 24
visited Dr. Li, who is a knowledgeable and professional doctor. He listens carefully and shows great respect for his patients. The receptionists are so nice and friendly.
Zojic TonyZojic Tony
18:36 16 Jun 24
kayce lancephilkayce lancephil
20:12 15 Jun 24
Very good, not only the massage was professional, but also explained the problem of my neck numbness.
Xiao YangXiao Yang
19:31 15 Jun 24
Very good experience! I feel comfortable after massage treatment. Allen Zhang is very professional.
19:30 15 Jun 24
I went to Master Zhang for a cervical spine and shoulder massage. The experience was very good and the effect was very good. I feel a lot more relaxed.
04:47 11 Jun 24
Helpful and friendly staff! First time doing acupuncture in my life. I through it will be scary, but Jacqueline is skilled and professional. Very good experience. Will keep coming back!
My wife has been recovering from a lot of issues than regular Doctors couldn’t figure it out What was wrong with her, they did answer our questions properly if her condition was asma or allergies. Then tired of their non sense explains. We did several trips to see the specialist, doctors visits. With no answer. On top of several prescriptions….Sick and tired of these non sense, we visit Huanto clinic. We are blessed to see Dr Helen, she is knowledgeable, passionate and thieving her best to heal every patient
Cheryl MCheryl M
17:12 17 Apr 24
I have been going to the NW location for many years now. I have seen many different students and each one has helped with many different things from moments anxiety, pain in the body and helped heal from injuries. Coming to see a student helps them put their learnings to hands on practice. And are highly qualified. They have a doctor to guide them or answer any questions. The front staff is friendly& helpful. This is a great place to come from any type of treatments. You’re in great hands when coming here 🙂
Lana LiuLana Liu
14:37 15 Apr 24
Best place for doing massage, which makes my back pain getting better.
Anil BharathAnil Bharath
03:20 13 Apr 24
Very good experience been seeing dr ying she is very good fixated my sinuses in two treatment
Doug SmerekDoug Smerek
17:34 11 Apr 24
Jennifer YuJennifer Yu
22:20 09 Apr 24
I have been seeing Dr Stella Pun for prenatal accupuncture treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend seeing her for any concerns.
lei sunlei sun
22:55 07 Apr 24
Thanks to Dr. Helen Wang, I felt no pain anymore.
Ryan ChrumkaRyan Chrumka
19:58 06 Apr 24
Dr Amanda was able to really help my insomnia through acupuncture. After a few treatments, I have been sleeping more solidly and waking up less during the night. I would recommend this place if you have sleeping problems. They will be able to help.
Luozhen ShenLuozhen Shen
17:33 06 Apr 24
Best Acupuncture in town! Dr. Amanda Xia helped with my long term waist problem with only a few sessions. I really appreciate her professionalism, patience and caring!
Jason McCarthyJason McCarthy
18:00 05 Apr 24
Can’t recommend this place enough. Being going here for acupuncture and moxibustion and it has been greatly improving my organ functionality. Especially the liver. I initially came in here due to frequently abdominal pain that could not be diagnosed with western medicine. Ever since receiving frequent treatments I no longer have abdominal pain, increase energy with more restful nights (with eliminations of night sweats), and decreased stress. Would recommend anyone to Dr. Yingying Cong.
kanwal warraichkanwal warraich
22:39 04 Apr 24
I’m working with dr Cathy li so far so good
Liliana ReynosoLiliana Reynoso
21:12 04 Apr 24
I strongly recommend this clinic in 4 weeks. I don't have any menopausia sintoms.
jing Guojing Guo
20:06 04 Apr 24
I am very lucky to meet the doctors here. Every doctor is highly skilled.Dr. Wang only used acupuncture twice to help my child correct the problem that had lasted for more than a year. Amazing. Highly recommend this place. The staff are very friendly.
mabel shammabel sham
17:47 04 Apr 24
Dr Marco has been amazing in helping me with my post-concussive symptoms. Headaches are much more manageable with his acupuncture treatments.
Luk AaLuk Aa
19:34 31 Mar 24
i really enjoy the experience with Dr Helen Wang in this clinic. the acupuncture treatment is effective and comfortable. it is not painful at all, completely going beyond my expectations. thank you Dr Helen!
Suzanne WeiSuzanne Wei
20:21 30 Mar 24
I have been seeing Dr. Helen Wang for acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Helen is not only incredibly knowledgeable and also genuinely caring and professional. Since starting treatment with her, I've noticed a significant improvement in my health. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking holistic care!!
Ena LinEna Lin
21:02 19 Mar 24
After a disappointing experience with massage therapy at another clinic, I can't express how glad I am to have finally found the perfect place for my massage routine! Please maintain this standard at all times! Your quality service and high level of professionalism are truly exceptional!
Jiajun HeJiajun He
18:11 15 Feb 24
I broke my right knee two months ago but in slowly recovering process. Dr. Li gave me acupuncture with AiZhi treatment and decreased my pain deeply. I really appreciate Dr. Li’s professional skills and help!
Bin ChenBin Chen
19:04 13 Jan 24
Nice place and service, Dr Helen Wang is a very professional doctor and treat me very well. Low back pain for couple weeks and relief after treatment.thanks

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