Therapeutic Massage

Cupping Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is an ancient modality that takes its origins from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Therapeutic Massage uses pushing, pulling, kneading, lifting and rubbing stimulating techniques to help induce healing. Therapeutic Massage help relieve pain, stress, headache and musculoskeletal conditions. 

The techniques used help promote the movement of QI & Blood and alleviate Qi stagnation and blood stasis, which is TCM is known to be the cause of pain. Therapeutic massage can also regulate the function of the autonomic system and ease tension and stress related imbalances.

This form of Therapeutic Massage has been used in China for thousands of years, this healing art has been gaining international attention for its safe and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. Chinese Therapeutic Massage can be customized to work on people of all ages, health conditions and constitutions.

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