How Traditional Chinese Medicine benefits Psychology

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), psychology is recognized as the individual’s unique physical and emotional state, which does not differ far from Western Medicine’s view of psychology being how one behaves, thinks and feels. Both forms of medicine have separate diagnostic and treatment protocols that differ due to the distinguished attributes that each individual possesses. However, the similarity of how the mind and bodywork maintain quality of life is seen in both forms of medicine and can therefore be complementary to each other.  

TCM diagnosed patterns provide a wide range of possibilities for treatment because each pattern diagnosis and treatment are customs to each patient. By interpreting psychiatric and emotional disorders as part of overall health rather than a single symptom of disease the success rate for results is exponential.  


Herbal formulas and acupuncture both ease mental and emotional disorders by having a calming effect on the mind by releasing negative or excess emotions. TCM philosophies achieve this by treating from the inside out to directly affect the body, mind, and spirit. TCM modalities are advantageous to be combined in conjunction with other therapies because they provide rapid and long-lasting relief from acute to chronic psychological disorders. Acupuncture and herbal remedies can also be indicated for short-term use or long periods of time without harmful side effects. Research has also proven acupuncture and other TCM modalities to increase the effectiveness of western treatments.

The Doctors at Huatuo Clinic have extensive knowledge of TCM methodologies and experience in various treatment techniques to address psychological conditions and concerns. TCM modalities and western treatments can be combined or used alone to harmonize the mind and body. The efficacy of TCM has no side effects and is applicable to patients of all ages ranging from children to the elderly.    

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