With the belief that medicine comes in a multitude of forms and refined approaches, Dr. Lind strives to help his patients seek out and make those lifestyle changes to realize their optimal health, with the proven assistance of ancient Chinese healing techniques and principles. Not only focusing on pain management, Dr. Lind also aims to remedy internal dysfunction through effective application of acupuncture therapy. Restful sleep and digestive health is the foundation for proper daily functioning and wellbeing, and with that Dr. Lind believes that most illness and infirmity can respond and improve. Witnessing patients over many years deal with their small problems before they become big problems, Dr. Lind utilizes a focused clinical approach to achieve the best outcome.


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What shall I do before my appointment?

Fill out the online intake form attached in the Welcome email, wear loose clothings and arrive 5 minutes early.

How long is a treatment?

30 minutes for cupping, 60 minutes for Acupuncture and 60 Minutes for Acupuncturere/ Moxibustion.

Can I eat before Acupuncture?

It is best to eat two hours at least before Acupuncture.

How often should I come for an appointment?

Pending the severity of your issue a practitioner may recommend anywhere between bi-weekly to multiple times a week appointments to help you reach your health goals.

Do you offer suppliments?

Often to enhance treatment goals, practitioners will recommend herbal suppliments. These range from pills, to dissolving powders, to even a collection of herbs to cook at home. The frequency and timeframe of these suppliments is unique to each case however typically 10 days per course.

How do I get started?

By booking an appointment at your preferred location, we do have two convenient TCM & Acupuncture clinic locations to serve you!
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