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How Acupuncture improves Neurological conditions

Acupuncture uses the ancient philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine to focus on improving overall health by strengthening the weakened areas of the body while treating secondary symptoms that often accompany the primary cause of disease. With acupuncture being multi-functional, it is an effective treatment for all types of neuropathy. When a needle is inserted into the skin at a specific acupuncture point, the body’s self-healing mechanisms are activated. Blood circulation is stimulated to repair nerve damage and help speed up healing time. With every passing year, more patients seek this complementary therapy for recovery from the painful and uncomfortable conditions presented.    


Neurological symptoms may include 

  • Constant numbness or pain 
  • Paralysis or weakness of muscles  
  • Stabbing, prickly, or burning sensations 

Types of Neuropathies 

  • Peripheral Neuropathy (most common)  
  • Cranial Neuropathy 
  • Autonomic Neuropathy  
  • Proximal Neuropathy  
  • Focal Neuropathy  

Along with Acupuncture, our Doctors may also include electrostimulation and/or Moxibustion, plus herbal formulas and diet therapy recommendations to address the root cause of disease and to maintain longer-lasting healing.

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