Besides constant and repetitive local stress, neck and shoulder pain can also have a variety of causes such as strain, trauma, soft tissue injuries, “whiplash”, hypertension, and others. So, what differs acupuncture from other therapies?

At Huatuo Clinic, we exam the whole body to find the optimized treatment for each patient. For example, in Qi Gong, we say relax the shoulders to relax the body; in Tai Ji, we believe the position of the toes directly affects the support and posture. Emotional, mechanical, and internal factors will also be examined.

Meridian system and energy balancing methods are fundamentals for acupuncture. Since our body is integrated by a series of channels, the location of pain and stiff muscles often blocking the meridians going through the region. Locating key points to generate an open flow of energy will promote the healing process immediately.

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