In general, women experience menopausal symptoms in different ways, some with difficulties, and others may be symptom-free.

In the West, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also called menopausal hormone therapy, is considered to be effective in treating menopausal symptoms are prescribed commonly, and sometimes for years. Some women find HRT effective, but others experience many distressing effects; some are advised against taking it or are unwilling to take it.

It is commonly believed that Asian women have a lower prevalence of menopausal symptoms than Western women. Research has shown this is particularly true when only classical vasomotor symptoms are considered, such as hot flushes. Most studies conducted among Asian menopausal women demonstrate a prevalence of significant hot flushes of 10% to 20%, while the prevalence of the same symptoms in Western women was 30% to 50%

So, what do Asian women do? Research has shown Chinese herbal and traditional therapies such as acupuncture are popular options, and approximately one-third of menopausal women have either tried them or are currently using them for their symptoms. It is unknown if the researchers considered the fact that most Asians grown up with Chinese herbal medicines and other traditional therapies.

There is no secret how Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) treats menopausal symptoms, it balances Yin and Yang. Balancing Yin and Yang can be looking at from the both micro and macro point of view, and at Huatuo Clinic, we may use both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for the effective and lasting outcome.

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