Dr. Stella Pun

Doctor of Acupuncture

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Cantonese, Mandarin, English

Dr. Stella Pun specializes in Facial rejuvenation and Meridian Tissue Manipulation Therapy. She holds a CIDESCO International of Esthetics Certificate and Dr. Pun has built her reputation in the esthetic industry and over 40 years of ecstatic beauty industry experience. She is one of the Chairman of the International Beauty & Health License Association. 

As a third-generation natural healing practitioner specializing in Gynecology such as Fertility Issues, Prepartum, and Postpartum care. Her family is deeply rooted in the practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Delivering quality treatment plan tailored to each patient and their needs in support of mental and physical health is Dr. Pun’s mission. Her treatment approach specializes in dietary therapy, moxibustion acupuncture, and cupping.

Dr. Pun is passionate about providing personalized natural treatments and high-quality Esthetics treatments to patience that is safe and effective. 

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