How Acupuncture supports Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart disease is the 2nd cause of death in Canada. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol also contribute to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Genetics, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and other long-standing diseases, also put cardiovascular health at risk.  Many heart diseases are not curable though there are many holistic opportunities available and are effective in complementing other therapies. Most common treatment strategies for heart diseases are limited to lifestyle improvements, stress management, medications, and surgical procedures. 


Along with Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is widely utilized for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It has been proven that TCM has the successful ability to be used as a complementary and alternative approach to primary and secondary prevention or treatment of cardiovascular conditions and symptoms.   

The TCM approach is to be multifaceted when focusing on the “root” of the problem, as well as merging secondary complaints about the most valuable treatment. TCM modalities do similar actions as medications in the sense of dilating vessels to ensure ample blood flow and circulation.  TCM also influences relaxation by regulating the nervous system to maintain a restful state of the mind and body to regulate heart rate by reducing the effects of stress on the body to improve quality of life.

 It has also been shown, TCM has the ability to be used as a complementary and alternative approach to primary and secondary prevention treatment.  

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